As  our  work  and  social lives blur, women  increasingly  seek  clothes that are contemporary,  and  works  for both day and evening. 

Ellaseams is a one stop Fashion brand for every woman who lets Elegance, Comfort and/or Class dictate her style. We are an indigenous Fashion company with ready-to-wear and tailored-to-fit outfits services for individual style needs.

EllaSeams  Brand  has a formal edge with a classic  attitude. What you get  is  femininity   that  is  not  overtly  sexy  and  a  fabulous  fit  with  subtle  detailing  that  is  as  appropriate  for  a  business  meeting  as  well  as  being  glamorous  after  hours.

We recognize that every woman desires to be in classic wears that defines her identity, individuality and femininity. We make flexible work wears that are smart, modern and fit for business yet personalised, contemporary and perfect for both day and evening.

We  provide  women  classic  and  stylish  dresses  for  every  occasion  by  using  fabrics  of  the  best  quality,   giving  you  that unique  look you  desire  for  that  special  occasion, business meetings, church, cocktails, Red carpet, etc.


Ellaseams offers two distinct services: -

The ready-to-wear service where you can purchase any of our collections directly and in your size.

Our made to measure service where you can purchase anything from our ready to wear collection and have it tailored to fit your needs by maybe changing the fabric, colour, lining, detailing etc.

Dictate  your style. Own your confidence. Be EllaSeamswoman.